“The Big Game”

the big game

An Autumn Day at Kinnick Stadium

Iowa is a friendly and welcoming place to live. Well, a least it is for 364 days of the year. There is one day each fall when the atmosphere changes. Although the in-state competition between Iowa and Iowa State Universities is quite serious, it is also a fun day of tailgating, cheering for your favorite team, enjoying the bands and the colorful crowd, and having a down-right great time in Iowa. The spirit of rivalry of this annual event is as “Iowa” as the corn we grow.

In this print: Coach Hayden Fry on the sideline, Iowa and Iowa State Bands, Hawkeye Village, Hedlund dental office, the “Magic Bus”, Smiley smiling, an eagle, University Heights policeman giving a ticket, UI Rec Center bird problem, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, a man with a handle-bar mustache, senior citizens kissing, a pregnant lady in labor walking to the hospital from the game, the student section “passing” a person and a beachball, Bump Elliott is in the press box, radio stations: KGRN, WHO and Jim Zabel with a friend, WMT, KXIC, KWPC, CORN, KOTH, KHAK, a Cambus and a Tri-State Tours bus, the “bubble,” Klotz tennis courts, the crowd doing a “wave”, City High, West High and Regina food stands, ETC!

image size: unframed: framed:
Lithograph 10″ x 7″
Limited Edition (1000) Lithograph 17″ x 12″
Limited Edition (1000) Lithograph 29″ x 21″
Limited Edition (100) Canvas Giclee 29″ x 21″
University of Iowa Commemorative Edition Lithograph 17″ x 12″

$399 Wood Frame
Limited Edition (100) Canvas Giclee 42″ x 30″

“The Big Game” Porcelain Ornament

3″ x 3″ round porcelain ornament is signed on reverse and packaged for gift giving.

The Big Game ornament

$28.00 and $5.95 shipping

Prints below are from “The Big Game”:

Titled and signed in pencil by the artist, these 8″x10″ or 11″ x 14″ unframed prints fit standard size frames:

the big game 1 The Big Game 1
8″x10″ $29.00
11″x14″ $39.00
the big game 2The Big Game 2
8″x10″ $29.00
11″x14″ $39.00
the big game 3 The Big Game 3
8″x10″ $29.00
11″x14″ $39.00

Below are details from the painting:

The Big Game 5Radio stations, announcers, Bump Elliott and others in the press box

The Big Game 3High school food booths: City High, Regina and West High

The Big Game 2The tents of Hawkeye Village

The Big Game 1Getting a ticket in University Heights, cookie sales and a limo

The Big Game 9The sidelines, cheerleaders, and a wave is forming

The Big Game 4The Magic Bus and Big Turkey Legs on Melrose

The Big Game 9a SmileySmiley is waving

The Big Game 7The sidelines, Herky and Cy are going at it as the Golden Girl stands by