THANK YOU to all who stopped by and visited us at FryFest!  FUN!


My updated “University of Iowa Medical Campus” and “Celebration at Wrigley Field” prints have arrived!  They look great!

“University of Iowa Medical Campus” “Celebration at Wrigley Field”
Historyof Univ Iowa MAscots Aunan“History of the University of Iowa Mascots” The Iowa State Fair“The Iowa State Fair” The Big Game“The Big Game” Wrigley“Wrigley”
“Univ of Iowa Medical Complex” Homecoming Parade“Homecoming Parade” Old Capitol“Old Capitol” Dance Marathon“Dance Marathon”

Whether you are looking for a fine art print, a special gift or commissioned painting, I hope you will find it here. All currently available prints are listed on the All Paintings page. For information on commissioned paintings, please contact me directly. To see what original artwork is currently offered for sale, click HERE.  Thank you for visiting!

Email sbaunan@mchsi.com for any questions about your online order. Include shipping address and we will reply with total shipping due. If shipping to an Iowa address, please add your local sales tax.  All shipping prices are USA only.

All prints can be made to order in your preferred size (with some limits.) Also, paintings can be digitally “cut up” to make a series of coordinating prints. Please ask for your special requests.

All I want for Christmas is a goat!

You can get your goat also at: http://donate.worldvision.org

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year all year long!

Thank you to all,

Suzanne Aunan

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